Meet Lauren Lackey, Innovation Executive, Centauri LLC

Lauren Lackey has built her entire executive career on the notion of systems thinking for innovation. A systems approach includes developing the proper interaction between the causality of the problem to solve, proactive development, and the delivery of long-term quality against the expectation. She approaches every project with an understanding of the current struggle, delivering a product or program with speed, cost, and quality in mind and then creating a long-term migration strategy of growth and strategic journey, always working to address the consumer struggle.

Lauren started consulting following a 30-year career in Product and Service Development for several top companies. In her consulting role, she has been able to take the skills, culture, and tools that she had used in a multitude of industries outside of Consumer Products. The methods have translated well to customer service projects, health care and medical device projects, education, and even political campaigns.

Lauren is passionate about shining a light on the importance of good product development, and her entire career has been dedicated to making the connection between good business, good science, and good art. However, these connections are not inherent in organizations nor do they teach this in schools. Teams must be taught how to prioritize good translation of consumer need to the product or service they will sell.

The thought process, tools, and skills taught by Centauri LLC offer an enlightening journey for development teams. Seeing the connection happen for people during this process and watching the passion come back to life around their project is what Lauren feels is the greatest outcome of this work.